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Feb 15, 2013 6:00pm PST
, you might recall, at the london olympics as the first double a.m. amputee to compete. >> i don't know what might be. he's my inspiration. i'm really disappointed. >> prosecutors in south africa say they plan to charge pistorius with premeditated murder, the most serious criminal charge in the kcountry. known as the blade runner for his prosthetic legs, he was hailed as a hero in south africa. >>> it seems the waiting never stops for the passengers of that carnival "triumph" cruise. getting off the ship wasn't the end of the nightmare for many. one of the buses carrying the passengers home broke down. it was going from alabama to new orleans. they were stuck for an hour before another bus came to pick them up. an engine fire killed power and left the ship stranded in the gulf for four days. it finally got towed into land last night. >> driving on the highway, the bus starts slowing down and the bus pulls over and breaks down. >> how long were you there? >> about an to transport all the luggage to the new bus. >> so many delays on land and at sea. now carnival says it will refund everyo
Feb 25, 2013 6:00pm PST
trip since being appointed to his new position. earlier today he was in london. his 11-day trip will also include paris, rome, cairo, and abu dhabi. on the agenda, the syrian conflict. israeli/palestinian tensions and iran's nuclear program. >> and iran with a nuclear weapon in that region and given all that has happened is simply unacceptable. and we have stated that they will not obtain a nuclear weapon. president obama has been crystal clear about this. >> reporter: meantime iran is getting ready for another round of talks, the nuclear negotiator arrived today to meet with what's being called the p-5 plus one, the u.s., britain, russia, france, and germany. the meeting is scheduled to begin tomorrow. iran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful energy purposes only. any chance of negotiating in syria shot down after a nearly two-year civil war, the syrian regime said it's ready for talks with rebels but opposition members scoffed at the day's offer. they also said they will not participate in the meeting next month in rome with its western and arab allies upset they have
Feb 14, 2013 6:00pm PST
graduate. pistorious made history at the london games last year when he became the first double amputee to compete in the olympics. south africans are stunned by the news. >> i hope it's really not as bad as i think it is because oscar has done so much for the country. >> i think it's real sad. i don't think we should judge the guy. we don't know what's happened. i'll be praying for him and his family. >> early reports said pistorious accidentally shot his girlfriend thinking she was an intruder. police quickly dismossed those reports. he will make his first court appearance tomorrow morning. janelle wang. >> thank you. that nightmare vacation is almost over. the disabled carnival cruise ship has now entered the bay near mobile alabama after being stuck in the gulf mexico since sunday. just when everyone thought things couldn't get worse, the delay was delayed even more due to a snapped tow line. more than 4,000 people are on board. the ship has no power is, toilets or working air-conditioners. >> passengers is posted pleas for help which they painted on bed sheets and posted on the shi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3